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The Bridge Core team has supported the government in various capacities for over 20 years and, now for over 5 years as a company, continues solving the fed’s toughest IT and visual intelligence problems. The Bridge Core team works to revolutionize the fed space in the areas of Cyber Security, DevOps Engineering and Visual Intelligence.

Bridge Core’s Cyber Security professionals are trusted advisors to high level government leaders in areas of:

  • Influencing enterprise cyber security policy
  • Evaluating enterprise IT security posture
  • Gaining insight into system weakness through penetration testing

Our DevOps professionals support our government clients through:

  • Securing and automation of cloud infrastructure
  • On-Prem to cloud migration
  • Operations of cloud-based applications

Our Visual Intelligence team supports the government through its expertise in the fields of:

  • Geospatial analysis and engineering
  • Visually-based collaboration and integration
  • Leading edge tech adoption

Supported agencies include: The United States Navy, Health and Human Services (HHS), NASA, and several others.

Bridge Core supports an expanding portfolio of commercial B2B clients in the defense and health industries enabling them to visualize their business more intelligently, more collaboratively, and with a higher quality of data and information. Business leaders need better information at their fingertips to make both strategic and fast paced decisions. Bridge Core’s leadership and experience in the area of Visual Intelligence.

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