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Work with amazing people. Do Amazing things. We have discovered that collaboration combined with mutual trust and respect empowers us to do things that may otherwise be impossible. Together we are unstoppable.


Software Engineer

Support the design, development, and maintenance efforts for web-based software development projects

Data Engineer

Support extract, transform, load (ETL) efforts to ensure delivery of high-quality data

Program Manager

Responsible for day-to-day project management of small to large portfolio programs

Customer Engagement Professional

Support training, eliciting client needs, and adoption of leading-edge IT software collaboration tools

AWS System Admin

Support the administration and operation of cloud infrastructure for development, test, and production environments

DevOps Engineer

Support the development of automation tools and configurations to deploy complex systems

Life at BCORE

Family for our Families

We do not compete with your family, we embrace them. We have built a culture on being family-oriented and encourage balance between our role at home and our role at work.

Invest in our people

Exceptional technology drives change with exceptional people behind the wheel. We empower our employees to learn, grow, and regularly share their insights. Enhancing our professional skills and personal talents makes the difference both individually and collectively.



BCore offers highly competitive salaries commensurate with the level of responsibility of the position and the industry environment.

Paid Time Off

We provide a pool of leave (accrued on a semi-monthly basis) that you may spend as you choose. You will receive 20 day paid time off per year. PTO accrual begins on your first day of full-time employment.


Bridge Core observes 10 paid holidays each year—6 fixed holidays, plus 4 floating holidays to be used at your discretion during the calendar year.

Dental + Vision Insurance

We offer vision and the premium will be covered by Bridge Core. Benefits available the first day of the month following start date.


Employees may defer salary contributions to a 401k plan up to the limitation amount set annually by the IRS. The plan allows bcore to match 100% of the employee’s deferral contribution to a max of 6% of the employee’s salary. Employees are vested day one.

Health Insurance

We offer health care through CareFirst Blue Cross/Blue Shield including a premium plan and an HMO/HSA plan. All plan costs are 100% covered by Bridge Core. Benefits available the first day of the month following start date.

401k Profit Sharing

Along with 6% 401k matching, we offer a profit-sharing 401k plan, which is an annual contribution based on bcore profit and employee performance.

Health + Wellness

Bcore reimbursement for Health Club Memberships, Exercise Classes, Weight Loss, Program Membership, and/or Massage Therapy. Annually up to $1000 for FTEs and $500 for PTEs. Quarterly awards through bFit group fitness program.

Training + Tuition Reimbursement

Bridge Core supports employee growth and development through sponsorship of employee training and continuing education.


A Best Place to Work

In 2018 Bridge Core was ranked THE #1 Best Place to Work by the Washington Business Journal in the Small Business Category. A lot of factors went into that decision including the opportunities that Bridge Core provides and how current team members feel about the company. We could not be prouder.

Nothing has changed since then, except our opportunities have grown. We remain committed to making Bridge Core the most rewarding work environment possible through a strong connection among our team, to our clients and to our communities.

Dream, Do, Learn, Grow

We are proud of our achievements and enthusiastically look for new opportunities to drive change within the markets where our clients compete. This shared enthusiasm cultivates an environment that inspires new ideas, enables continuous development, and empowers high performing individuals to lead projects they are passionate about. We have built a team we trust which gives individuals the courage to take risks while being accountable to deliver.

Join Our Team

Customer Engagement Managers
Software Engineers
Cyber Security Professionals
Visual Intelligence Analysts
Systems Administrators

We’re always looking for talented professionals to join our team. Our top-tier benefits will help you love your job even more.

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