Empowered by People. United in Mission. Driven by Innovation.

Bcore is a company built on trust and teamwork whose
core mission is to innovate within the national security space,
revolutionizing the intelligence operations and analysis sector.

Our Identity: Mission Informed Intelligence—Realized

We stand as the epitome of Rapid Impact in the U.S. Government landscape. Our sophisticated spectrum of services spans
Exploitation, Analytical Technology, and Tradecraft, orchestrated through seamlessly Integrated Service Offerings.

As a dominant Mission Informed Intelligence company, Bcore delivers Rapid Impact to the US Government through
leveraging the full spectrum of Exploitation, Analytical Technology, and Tradecraft via Integrated Service Offerings.

Mission Agility Graphic

Mission Agility

Our commitment to high quality repeatable processes enables swift action in fast-evolving mission environments.

Enhanced Insights Graphics

Enhanced Insights

We solve critical challenges through technology, data analytics and expertise to deliver quantifiable mission outcomes.

Integrated Capabilities Graphic

Integrated Capabilities

We offer an integrated service offering which is a unique blend of mission expertise, analytical prowess, and innovative tradecraft.

People Centric Graphic

People Centric

Our people are our #1 asset. We prioritize the well-being, growth, and development of our employees.



Jimmy Gardner founded teKnoluxion to fill a gap between mission and engineering for the Intelligence Community. Through deep relationships and nurturing a culture where everyone has the tools and support to excel, the team continues to be a trusted partner.


When Bridge Core cofounders Tyler Laverick and Andy Rackovan started the company, they were building on family legacies left behind by their grandfathers in Western PA. The blueprint focused on employees as family members, service to the community, and a strong work ethic to ensure clients’ expectations were exceeded. Since then, our presence, our clients, and our success have grown, but our expanding team is still a family.


Joe Governski, Josh Weinstein and Evan Newman founded GeoYeti with the goal of providing innovative and novel analytics solutions to the US Government. Their methodologies have pioneered advanced analytics and data science using advanced non-traditional applications and custom-built solutions. Their analytics capabilities are accessible across the spectrum of mission practitioners and have consistently resulted in time-saving efficiencies.

July 2023

NewSpring Holdings acquired Bridge Core with the vision of creating a dominant mission-informed intelligence company built to deliver precise and actionable insights to the intelligence community by treating team members like family, fostering a strong work ethic, and consistently delivering mission impact in a nurturing environment that attracts and retains the best talent in the industry. Through this acquisition, the Bcore platform was established, and Chad Kim was named CEO.

Sept 2023

Bcore acquired GeoYeti to bolster analytics capabilities to provide comprehensive, end-to-end mission expertise for intelligence needs.

Oct 2023

Bcore acquired teKnoluxion, a software & systems engineering, cloud services, and data analytics company that provides solutions to the Defense and Intelligence Communities to provide even more rapid and impactful solutions to meet the evolving needs of the intelligence community.

Today Bcore is Full Spectrum Intelligence Company built on trust and teamwork whose core mission is to innovate within the national security space, revolutionizing intelligence operations and the analysis sector.

Leadership Team

Chad Kim
Chief Executive Officer

Vinita Fordham
Chief Innovation Officer

Phil Nolan
Chief Operating Officer

Dixie Welch
Chief Administrative Officer

Priya Dalwadi
Finance and Accounting Executive

Tyler Laverick
Bridge Core Leader/Founder

Andrew Rackovan
Bridge Core Leader/Founder

Joe Governski
GeoYeti Leader/Founder

Josh Weinstein
GeoYeti Leader/Founder

Evan Newman
GeoYeti Leader/Founder

Lloyd Osafo
2 Twelve Leader/Founder

Nicole Taylor
teKnoluxion Division Leader

Joshua Kemp
Bridge Core Division Leader

Jacob Huffman
CTO, bcoreX

Zil Vyas
Director, bcoreX

Nathan Jacobs
Director, Visual Intelligence

Jimmy Gardner
teKnoluxion Founder/Advisor

Chris Blahm

Board of Directors

Andy Maner

The Honorable Sue Gordon

Vice Admiral Bob Sharp, USN (Ret.)


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12005 Sunrise Valley Dr
Suite 410
Reston, VA 20191

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