Vinita Fordham Featured on Iron Butterfly Podcast

BCore’s own Vinita Fordham was featured on a recent episode of the Iron Butterfly Podcast, named for Eloise Page, the first female Chief of Station at CIA who was known being a fierce fighter with a core of steel. Founded by Megan Jaffer and Cadie Hopkins, Iron Butterfly tells the stories of women in the intelligence community.

In this engaging conversation between Megan, Cadie, and Vinita you’ll learn about Vinita’s career trajectory and her profound commitment to the intersection of technology with intelligence missions. Vinita shares her past experiences of evaluating the risks and rewards of adopting new technology by looking at problems differently and exploring the art of the possible. She also discusses the importance of partnerships between the IC and the commercial sector to fuel innovation for mission success.

At BCore we support the intelligence lifecycle and the various technical solutions needed to support mission from end-to-end. Hear more about our platform and from Vinita by listening to the podcast: