Visual Intelligence (VI) is the concept and capability to organize and share seemingly disparate information and knowledge visually across teams to gain insight, promote collaboration, establish shared situational awareness, and accelerate and improve decision making. VI promotes information sharing with synchronous collaboration and asynchronous updates to optimize productivity. VI promotes concurrent updates and interaction, supporting a rich set of information types, including documents, maps, images, video, and views into live or dynamic data. VI helps manage information overload and draws stakeholders in as players instead of spectators. Visual Intelligence depends on modern physical design aesthetics and human ergonomics, making the physical space match the need of the mission with mobile, touch, and large format screens.

VI solutions give voices to team members by creating workplaces that eliminate the “one-to-many” boardroom mentality to a more inclusive and diverse “many-to-many” working environment. Visual Intelligence includes UCC and “trusted remote” work. Even before COVID-19 changed the world, Bcore saw the need for modernizing work through various initiatives at all levels of the workforce. The impact of COVID-19 and social distancing has only elucidated and accelerated the adoption of Unified Communication and Collaboration (UCC) technologies. VI is flexible over geographically diverse meeting and work concepts. These new changes effectively disperse gatherings from conference room desktops into a fresh mix of locations and devices. Concurrent content sharing applications, like Bluescape and Office 365, allow us to share and update information at the speed of decisions.
Bcore starts with the mission needs and people first – using Human-Centered Design thinking to discover the needs and create a new way of initiating projects. Bcore believes that the workplace of the future is combining Visual Intelligence and HCD, leading the transformation of service delivery for design, installation, and support for audio-visual enabled UCC spaces within our client’s space.